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Want Better Health? Feed Your Cells

Many of us place a heavy emphasis on our health and nutrition with the hope of improving our energy levels, our focus, and our sleep. Moreover, as we age these facets of our well-being become even more crucial, as these areas naturally start to de...
Want Better Health? Feed Your Cells

At a Glance:

  • To prevent aging, increase our energy levels, improve our focus, and get better sleep, we need to properly fuel our cells with essential nutrients.
  • To boost cell health, micronutrients must be compatible for proper use at the cellular level.
  • Nutrients must be properly digested and absorbed before they can nourish our cells.
  • Choosing supplements that target cell health, such as those produced by Healthycell, is the most surefire way to boost cell health.


Many of us place a heavy emphasis on our health and nutrition with the hope of improving our energy levels, our focus, and our sleep. Moreover, as we age these facets of our well-being become even more crucial, as these areas naturally start to decline. But the question is, are we doing enough to promote total-body health and prevent the negative effects of aging?

The answer for many of us is no. While the foods we eat and the exercise we do play a role in maintaining our health, neither will provide the complete wellness we're chasing after, particularly as we get older. 

The problem with this approach to wellness is that we're overlooking one very important aspect of our health that underlies these key components to our quality of life: our cells. There is a direct relationship between aging and a decline in our cell health, which begs the question, why are we neglecting the foundation of our well-being?

Maximizing our cell health involves properly nourishing each cell with optimal nutrients through an effective delivery system. With this goal at the forefront of their mission, Healthycell set out to develop a supplement line with products that enhance cell health through precise nutrient pairing, easy digestibility, and improved absorbability. Today, we break down these factors as they relate to cell health to illustrate how longevity and wholistic wellness begins at the cellular level. Our cells may be small, but they play a massive role in our health.

Nutrient Compatibility

When we chose healthy foods or vitamin supplements, many of us expect we'll get the full nutritional benefits of the nutrient contents. However, certain vitamins and minerals require specific conditions if they are to be completely absorbed and used by our cells. Many of the essential nutrients we need require a vitamin or mineral counterpart to effectively feed our cells, which consequently results in overall improved health functions. 

Micronutrient synergism is one reason that supplement selection is so important to our cell health. When you take a single nutrient supplement alone, such as calcium or vitamin B12, you're not getting full advantage of the health benefits each compound offers. Calcium, an extremely important mineral for bone and heart health, relies on the presence of vitamin D to optimize the rate of absorption. Likewise, the full benefits of vitamin D are observed only with appropriate calcium intake.[1] In the case of vitamin B12, the nutrient works in tandem with folate to perform many vital functions, including the formation of red blood cells and DNA. These processes would not be possible without adequate levels of both vitamins in our system.[2]

Vitamins and minerals can also work against one another, competing during the process of metabolism and ultimately canceling out the benefits of the other nutrient. If too large of a dose of any one essential mineral is consumed, it will inhibit the absorption of all other minerals present. Similarly, if a fat-soluble vitamin, such as vitamin E, is consumed in a higher quantity, it will inhibit the absorption of other fat-soluble micronutrients, such as vitamin K. This careful balance is a pivotal aspect of our cell's health, which respond best to a precise nutrient ratio.

To experience the full effects of properly nourished cells, including higher stamina, improved mental clarity, and better sleep, it's important to choose supplements that are formulated with a focus on nutrient compatibility. Healthycell Pro, Vegan Essential (coming soon), and Bioactive Multi by Healthycell are three multivitamins products that have been designed and tested by physicians, scientists, and licensed nutritionists to formulate the highest level of nutrient compatibility possible. Through meticulous micronutrient pairing, each product provides optimal vitamin and mineral uptake and metabolism. Each supplement by Healthycell work to effectively feed our cells with up to 90 essential nutrients, which are put to use to support our well-being from the inside out. The Healthycell Pro multivitamin also offers a morning and an evening formula, which provides specific vitamin and mineral combinations that work synergistically to serve our body's needs at each and every point of our day. 

Each day, our cells work hard to keep us alive and healthy. That's why it's so important that we give them the right mix of micronutrients to perform their cellular duties effectively. The better we fuel our cells, the better we feel.

Digestibility and Absorbability

Another important aspect of cell health is nutrient digestion and absorption. If vitamins and minerals are delivered in a form that compromises either of these areas of cellular nutrition, the nutritional benefit is all but lost.

Digestion is a complex process and involves many active steps and biological compounds before nutrients are delivered to our cells. This day in age, many of us suffer from poor digestion resulting from a diet saturated with heavily processed foods. The more of these foods we consume, the worse our digestion becomes, ultimately resulting in compromised cell health. As fewer vitamins and minerals are properly digested and absorbed from our foods and supplements, the more nutrient deficient our cells become. As described by Dr. Bruce Ames, an expert in the field, "micronutrient deficiency can mimic radiation (or chemicals) in damaging DNA by causing single- and double-strand breaks, oxidative lesions, or both." Not only does nutrient deficiency equate to a greater chance of disease, but it also speeds up the aging process. 

Digestion is the first step to nourish our cells, but it is often the most problematic for many people. Because many of us struggle to digest our food properly, as evident by the increasing rate of digestive disorders in our country, we turn to supplements to ensure we're getting the proper nutrition we need for our health.[3] Unfortunately, most multivitamins come in forms that are not easily digested, and ironically enough, can actually exacerbate digestion troubles. 

Pill, powder, and tablet vitamins may offer the micronutrients our cells crave, but they come with an additional list of questionable additives that are simply not conducive for our digestion. With this in mind, Healthycell created supplement products using only natural ingredients that not only promote digestion but actually improves it. The Healthycell Pro, Bioactive Multi, and Vegan Essential incorporate oat beta-glucan, a natural source of dietary fiber to help improve digestion and subsequently, cell nutrient delivery.[4] However, Healthycell took the digestibility of the multivitamin line one step further through the addition of digestive enzymes and probiotics.[5,6] These ingredients aid in the breakdown of nutrients so they reach our cells in the most bioavailable form, ready to be put to use in various cellular functions.

Once our nutrients have been broken down and digested, the next crucial step towards fueling our cells is absorption. Today, research has shown that pills, powders, and tablets use nutrient particles that are far too large, significantly limiting the absorbability. In fact, Ph.D. scientists working at the University of New England, known as the world's foremost experts on nutrient absorption found that the majority of multivitamin supplement brands were delivering nutrients that were over 100 times the size acceptable for proper absorption. With this issue in mind, the research team at Healthycell created a supplement to navigate the challenges of nutrient absorption.

After extensive testing, the Healthycell team developed a technology to offer the highest rate of nutrient absorption to deliver vitamins and minerals directly to the cells. Through MICROGEL™ technology, both the Bioactive Multi by Healthycell and the Vegan Essentials (coming soon) effectively feed our cells with the most bioavailable form of the nutrients possible. These products have been designed to release specific micronutrient particles at precise locations along the digestive tract, increasing the rate of absorption. This process allows the vitamins and minerals to easily pass through the digestive tissue and into the bloodstream, where the nutrients are shuttled to our cells. Once the micronutrients have reached their cellular destination, they are immediately put to use. Because of this expedited absorption, Bioactive Multi and Vegan Essential users notice a substantial boost in energy, focus, and general well-being almost immediately after use.

Cell health requires consistent delivery of vitamins and minerals to carry out the necessary functions we rely on to keep us fueled and feeling our best. By improving the breakdown and reuptake of nutrients, our cells are able to efficiently and effectively carry out the essential processes involved in combating disease, aging, and general health decline.

Cell Health by Healthycell 

Whether its age, diet, lifestyle or environmental factors, our cells are constantly working to keep our bodies healthy and happy. These microscopic workhorses keep us going day after day, so it's important that we nourish them in the best way possible. The products developed by Healthycell are more than just multivitamin supplements. Each has been created with extreme attention to detail, relying on science-backed evidence to bring consumers the most effective method to improve cell health. 

To ensure each product met its incredibly high standards, the team at Healthycell launched two clinical studies to investigate the efficacy of their products. The first clinical assessment had participants complete a baseline questionnaire before adding in the Healthycell Pro product to their daily routine. Each week, they would complete an additional questionnaire that examined 3 areas of general health and well being: energy, sleep, and focus. After just 8 weeks, participants reported experiencing significant improvements in sleep, focus, and energy. These measures showed even greater improvement after a 12 week period.

In a second clinical assessment, researchers used a double-blind, randomized design to examine the effects of the Healthycell Pro supplement on key biomarkers of aging. The study findings revealed both improved inflammatory profile and decreased DNA damage in the study participants. These results were most substantial in older adults, who face a higher rate of cell health decline.

Through extensive research backed by a team of leading experts in the cell health field, Healthycell has developed a line of multivitamins unlike any other on the market. Each product provides an exact mix of vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients to offer the most bioavailable supplements available. Through nutrient compatibility, easy digestibility, and superior absorbability, the Healthycell line of multivitamin provides the highest quality supplements to fuel your cells. If you're looking for increased stamina, sharper focus, and more restful sleep, it's time to start focusing on your cell health.

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About The Author

Dr. Giampapa is a world-renowned medical doctor, inventor, and surgeon specializing in anti-aging medicine. He recently received a nomination for the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking stem cell research, as well as the Edison Award for the Healthycell nutritional supplement for cell health. He was also awarded the A4M Science & Technology award for his development of the BioMarker Matrix Profile – the first computer program to measure aging. Learn more about Dr. Vincent Giampapa.

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