Healthycell Launches the Next Generation of Nutritional Supplements

Replacing tablets, capsules, and powders, MICROGEL™ is a pill-free experience designed for maximum nutrient absorption.

Vegan Essentials

Healthycell Launches Vegan Essentials for Plant-Based Dieters

New Vegan Essentials by Healthycell helps vegans avoid nutrient deficiency and live the life they believe in.

REM Sleep

Healthycell Launched REM Sleep the First Sleep Gel on the Market

REM Sleep is designed to support all 4 stages of human sleep to help fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep deep, achieve REM, and wake refreshed.

Healthycell + KeHE

Healthycell Partners with National Distributor KeHE

Healthycell partners with KeHE to launch its Microgel™ line of pill-free supplements at retail stores nationwide.

Healthycell + b8ta

Healthycell Partners with Innovative Retailer b8ta and

Healthycell launched its Microgel™ supplements in 15 United States b8ta flagship stores and on


Healthycell Launches Nootropic Microgel™ Focus+Recall

New nootropic gel launched by Healthycell designed to support brain health, focus, and recall, mental speed, and rapid learning.

Healthycell + Touch of Modern

Healthycell MICROGEL™ supplements featured on Touch of Modern

Healthycell partners with Touch of Modern – the leading e-commerce discovery app for cutting-edge products.

NutraIngredients USA

Healthycell's 2021 Growth Plan featured on NutraIngredients USA

New Report by NutraIngredients USA: Microgel supplement manufacturer Healthycell poised for breakout 2021.

Healthycell + Erewhon Market

MICROGEL™ Supplements now at Erewhon Market retail stores

Microgel™ supplements launch at Erewhon key to establishing Healthycell brand in the Southern California market.

Immune Super Boost

Highest-Dose Immune Supplement on Market Launched by Healthycell

New MICROGEL supplement provides over 15 capsules worth of immune-boosting ingredients in one gel pack.

Healthycell + UNFI

Healthycell Partners with Nationwide Distributor UNFI.

Healthycell partners with UNFI to expand its MICROGEL™ pill-free supplements at retail stores nationwide.

Healthycell + StartEngine

Healthycell Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on

The Reg CF crowdfunding campaign has already raised over $200,000 with more than 165 investors