Advanced nutrition starts small.

Discover the science behind our patent-pending MicroGel.

You go further.
So does MicroGel.

Decades of lab work show that most pills (and even powders) have low absorption. These outdated formats contain dense, dehydrated particles that are 10–100x too big to be fully absorbed in your digestive tract.

Our innovative MicroGel technology delivers micro-sized, ultra-absorbable nutrient particles to your digestive tract. From there, these essential nutrients can efficiently absorb into your bloodstream and ultimately your cells: the building blocks of human health.

How it works

Put on your metaphorical lab coat for a moment as we dive a little deeper into the process that makes HealthyCell® MicroGel possible.

Natural ingredients form a base gel structure
Water-soluble bioactives are solubilized and added to the gel matrix
Bioactive lipids are solubilized in oil and added to the gel matrix
High shear mixing emulsifies oil soluble and water soluble bioactives
Gel matrix sets and stabilizes the bioactives
The gel releases the fully-soluble nutrients in the GI tract for maximum absorption
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We reserve the right to transform nutrition.

Our expert team of renowned nutritional scientists and physicians put years of research and innovation into creating our patent-pending nutrient delivery technology. Their mission: maximize bioavailability without sacrificing taste, safety, or ingredient quality. The result: MicroGel.

Nutrition is a lot to digest.
MicroGel makes it easy.

up to 165% More Absorption
up to 144% Higher Maximum Nutrient Level

Top nutritional scientists developed our smooth and flavorful MicroGel to deliver tiny, ultra-absorbable nutrient particles to your digestive tract. From there, they absorb into your bloodstream and cells, where improved health begins.

Healthy cells. Healthy self.

Power your cells and your self with advanced nutrition designed to unlock your potential (and taste great doing it).

Maximum absorption

100% bioavailable micro-sized nutrient particles small enough to fully absorb and reach your cells.

Pill-free and flavor-full

Natural and refreshing fruit flavors in a smooth MicroGel make other vitamins taste like... vitamins.

Clinically effective doses

Replace handfuls of pills with convenient, all-in-one formulas backed by science.

Better value

MicroGel is at least 30% less expensive than buying separate pills and powders for each nutrient.

Mix It
Squeeze It
Blend It

Your way, every day

MicroGel replaces tablets, capsules and powders and elevates the supplement experience using only premium natural ingredients.

No fillers, binders or coatings. Just delicious daily nutrition that works.

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Our People Prove What’s Possible

Meet the minds behind MicroGel™

    Vincent C. Giampapa MD, FACS Cell Health Expert, Author, & Practicing Medical Doctor
    Elizabeth Candela MA, RDN, CLT, LE Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Integrative Nutrition Coach
    Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Sports Nutrition Expert
    Patrick Schulz BS, MS Food Scientist and Product Development Expert

Put your potential
where your mouth is.

Try the pill-free nutrient breakthrough for yourself.

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