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You are what you absorb.

Pills, powders, and gummies contain nutrients.
Ultra-absorbable MicroGels deliver them.

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Healthy cells. Healthy self.

Power your cells and your self with advanced nutrition designed to unlock your potential.

Maximum absorption

100% bioavailable micro-sized nutrient particles small enough to fully absorb and reach your cells.

Pill-free and flavor-full

Natural and refreshing fruit flavors in a smooth MicroGel™ make other vitamins taste like... vitamins.

Clinically effective doses

Replace handfuls of pills with convenient, all-in-one formulas backed by science.

Better value

MicroGel™ is at least 30% less expensive than buying separate pills and powders for each nutrient.

Nutrition is a lot to digest.
MicroGel makes it easy.

165% More Absorption

Top nutritional scientists developed our smooth and flavorful MicroGel to deliver tiny, ultra-absorbable nutrient particles to your digestive tract. From there, they absorb into your bloodstream and cells, where improved health begins.

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Bioactive Multi

1 Box

30 gel packs
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60 gel packs
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90 gel packs

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REM Sleep

1 Box

30 gel packs
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60 gel packs
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90 gel packs

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Heart & Vascular Health

1 Box

30 gel packs
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60 gel packs
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90 gel packs

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Focus & Recall

1 Box

30 gel packs
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2 Boxes

60 gel packs
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3 Boxes

90 gel packs

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You to the power of 40 trillion.

Your health is the most valuable thing you own, and it starts in your cells – all 40 trillion of them. HealthyCell is here to revolutionize nutritional supplements by elevating them from a daily inconvenience to an irresistible and empowering experience.

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Your way, every day

MicroGel™ replaces tablets, capsules and powders and elevates the supplement experience using only premium natural ingredients.

No fillers, binders or coatings. Just delicious daily nutrition that works.

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Why choose just one?

Your health is multifaceted, and so are our great-tasting MicroGels. Mix and match to meet all your nutrition needs, and save every time you bundle.

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Our results (and experts) speak for themselves.

  • "Inadequate nutrient levels can lead to many health and quality of life issues, including fatigue and poor immunity. This is what I recommend to my patients."

    Vincent C. Giampapa MD, FACS
  • "I research every supplement I recommend, and HealthyCell's gel technology is exceptional, backed by clinical studies showing superior absorption. This is the future."

    Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN
  • "I recommend HealthyCell for its superior nutrient absorption and pill-free ease of use. My clients have seen improvements in health, quality of life, and lab results."

    Elizabeth Candela MA, RDN, CLT, LE
  • Vincent C. Giampapa MD, FACS
  • Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN
  • Elizabeth Candela MA, RDN, CLT, LE

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  • Better sleep

    Started using REM sleep after trying all sorts of over the counter remedies and love the effect! Been using now for about 30 days and quite a difference for me. I also enjoy 3 other Healthycell products!

    Douglas M. Verified customer
  • Love!!!! Convenient... High Quality... Results

    I love everything about this product! The taste is great just by itself, the packaging is impressive, the results are AMAZING!!!

    Jennifer G. Verified customer
  • Great Vitamins!

    I love these vitamins! I used to take over 10 pill form vitamins and never really felt like they did much. I definitely feel the difference with Healthy Cell. They have all been so helpful!

    Michelle S. Verified customer
  • True Focus

    Healthycell Focus + Recall is definitely worth a try. I’ve noticed I’m able to stay more focused during a busy day and will be less on point if I miss a day. Good quality and perfect combo with their Multi.

    Shea S. Verified customer
  • Tastes great, works even better!

    I absolutely love the ease and taste of this multi squeeze packet. I’m glad to have found a multivitamin that isn’t a waste of money because it’s actually a bioavailable form for my body.

    Ruby J. Verified customer
  • Great product

    For the working individual, on the go the Healthy Cell is the best to have on hand. My coworker and I have implemented this on a daily basis. A very productive item to have in your medicine cabinet.

    Angela C. Verified customer
  • Best way to take vitamins

    No more bitter pills stuck in the back of your throat.

    Jon B. Verified customer
  • Healthycell for the win!

    Love that I can take these gels instead of a handful of pills. So easy and they taste great! I can definitely tell the difference in my energy levels and overall health.

    Jenna S. Verified customer

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