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What is Memory Chunking and Does it Work?

Memory Chunking

The chances are that you've tried several ways to improve your memory. One of the most popular ways to boost your powers of recall is through chunking. This is a memory technique where you break down difficult pieces of information into smaller chunks or pieces.

Chunking has been used for years by many successful people to memorize new vocabulary words and help them remember important information. Chunking has been identified as a useful tool for anyone who needs to memorize large amounts of material in their studies or professional life, but does it actually work?

How Chunking Memory Works

Chunking is based on the idea that breaking down difficult pieces of information into smaller parts makes them easier to recall. You'll already have experience of doing this automatically - if you've ever tried to remember a phone number, there's a pattern or rhythm to the number that helps keep it fresh in your mind.

For people studying, these more manageable chunks are often recorded on flashcards, making it easier to remember the smaller blocks of information. Instead of thinking about what they are studying in large chunks, students can focus on small chunks at a time.

When you study this way, you tackle small amounts of information at one time, so your brain doesn't become overwhelmed by how much it needs to remember. You can test yourself (or others) by seeing what you can recall from each individual card, and they can work as a memory aid when needed.

Memory experts recommend taking a break after memorizing information in small chunks like this - the brain needs to process and absorb what it has seen before moving on to new material. (1) Chunking is best used alongside other memory techniques that focus on these kinds of sensory prompts or cues, such as making use of mnemonics. How many people learned the colors of the rainbow by being introduced to Roy G Biv or understanding Riding OYour Granny's Bike IVile?

Chunking improves memory by breaking information down into easily usable chunks, and once you remember one chunk, it becomes easier to move on to the next.

What Chunking Memory Isn't

Some people misunderstand what chunking actually means and think it means memorizing as much as possible at once. This isn't the case, though. Chunking simply breaks down information into more manageable chunks rather than trying to absorb everything at once.

Some people also confuse chunking with other memory techniques, such as the popular mind mapping technique. Mind maps use colors and images to create diagrams that help you understand how pieces of information are connected to each other. Chunking is different in that it focuses on small pieces of information without necessarily including all of the connections between them.

How to Use Chunking in Your Life

Chunking is a popular way for students to study for tests, but you can also use it in any other areas where you need to memorize information. For instance, if you want help remembering your shopping list when you go to the supermarket, try breaking it down into chunks - the produce section, meat department, etc.

Ultimately, chunking can be used as a tool to help your brain process and memorize new information by breaking it into smaller chunks that are easier to remember. It is an effective way for anyone who needs to memorize large amounts of information.

Tips for Chunking your Memory

The right way to chunk information is learning how to do it naturally instead of simply memorizing the chunks in a certain way. When you're studying new material, try thinking about what you are studying in several different ways or from different points of view. This will make it easier to remember the different chunks you've created.

At the same time, chunking is a memory technique that can be used alongside other methods. The most important thing to do when memorizing information is to know how to break the information down so your brain can work with it.

Once you understand what chunking means and how you can use it, try implementing the strategy into your life. For instance, if you're writing a school paper, start by jotting down everything that comes to mind about the topic before organizing this into different chunks.

The key here is to not be afraid of creating a big mess when studying or trying to memorize new information. Once you understand how everything is broken down, it's easier to understand how it fits together.

What Happens When The Chunks Aren't Right?

As we've already seen, you've probably used simple chunking to remember a phone number. Depending on where you live in the world, the pattern might be different.

You might use XXX-XXX-XXXX and say it mentally that way too. But you might also break up the last 4 consecutive numbers, so you say it as XXX-XXX-XX-XX. There's no wrong way to do it in your mind, but if that's the pattern you're set on, you'll get lost if someone says it a different way.

The phone handset doesn't care how you remember the number. As far as the phone system is concerned, it's just XXXXXXXXXX. Your brain is suddenly thrown into turmoil when someone reads it to you as XXXX-XX-XXXX. These aren't the chunks you learned!

This is why it is important not to solely rely on chunking to improve your ability to recall information. Flexibility in thinking (2) and taking steps to boost your brainpower is vitally important too.

Getting the Most Out Of Chunking

Chunking improves memory by making it easier for your brain to recall information, but it isn't the only way to enhance your brainpower. While there are several methods to help improve memory, one  of the most important factors no matter what method is used, is nutrition. It is critical to get the right nutrients and vitamins to support your brain's performance.

Healthycell Focus + Recall is a blend of powerful, natural ingredients designed to support optimal brain function. Research has shown this supplement has a noticeable impact within 30 minutes and provides long-term brain health support.

How can it act so quickly? To get a similar boost from other products, you'd need to take around 6 pills or tablets. Due to the manufacturing process, these pills will include many ingredients designed to bulk them up, making them larger and easier to handle. Unfortunately, this makes it harder for your body to absorb them and harder for you to swallow them. (3)

Focus + Recall is supplied with individual doses in a gel pack featuring our next-generation delivery system, MICROGEL™. You can take it straight from the pack or mix it with water or a smoothie to make a delicious drink.

MICROGEL™ is free of synthetic binding glues, fillers, coatings, and flow agents listed as "other ingredients" in many supplements. Studies show this technology ensures maximum absorption by releasing tiny ultra-bioavailable nutrient particles in the digestive tract. 

You can boost your memory by eating fresh fruit and vegetables to provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals and exercising regularly to boost blood flow to your brain - but with Focus + Recall, you can know that the nutrients you need to support brain health are immediately available.

Nutrients support neurotransmitters (messengers within the body and brain) for focus (4), while other nutrients support phospholipids (fatty acids vital to brain function) for optimal retention and recall. (5)

With glucose and ketone conversion to provide long-lasting fuel for your brain, Focus + Recall also includes ingredients to help support blood flow to the brain for your cognitive potential.

Finally, antioxidants are incorporated to support the health of your  brain cells from damage caused by free radicals, which supports the maximum amount of oxygen possible for your brain.

Does Chunking Memory Work?

No matter how well you chunk information, if the particulars of what you are trying to memorize are not right, it can be nearly impossible for your brain to recall them. This is why it's so important for students to pay attention during class and take notes - they can't rely on their memories alone.

Improving your ability to focus is vital, and Healthycell Focus + Recall is designed to help your brain operate at its best. The mental clarity and focus you attain from a natural supplement can support your brain to process information correctly.

Boosting your memory is one of the keys to improving your life, both now and in the future. Chunking improves memory by making it easier for your brain to recall information, but it isn't the only way.  Don't forget that you need to take care of your brain, too!

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