• Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • Vegan Essentials
  • “I have been taking this for almost a week now, I think I may see small subtle changes for now. I will keep using this product, I believe it works. Thank you so much healthy cell."

    Dawn H. Verified Buyer
  • “I will continue to purchase. I like it."

    Rodney Z. Verified Buyer

Let the power of plants propel you with this vegan peach mango MicroGel—a daily multivitamin that offers a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients that plant-based diets often lack. 

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  • Support immunity and brain function†
  • Maintain strong, healthy bones and muscles†
  • Promote vibrant skin, hair and nails†

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30 gel packs
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Supplement facts & ingredients
Who it's for

Fans of a plant-based, pill-free lifestyle looking for an essential daily multivitamin that’s clinically and deliciously designed especially for vegan diets

How to use

Enjoy it daily straight from the gel pack, mixed into a drink or blended into a smoothie. Our Results Guarantee™ promises improvement in 30 days or your money back.

Vegan Essentials
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Tap into Vegan Vitality.

Immune Support†

Plant-based diets can be deficient in several vital nutrients that are essential for a healthy immune system, including vitamin D3, vitamin A, zinc, iron, and selenium. Our tasty Vegan Essentials helps you fill these nutritional gaps to strengthen immunity.†

✓ Zinc
✓ Selenium
✓ Vitamin C
✓ Vitamin D

Brain Power†

Vegans are often deficient in omega-3 fatty acids (particularly DHA), choline, and vitamin B12—all critical nutrients for brain health, cognitive focus, mood and avoiding brain fog.† Our Vegan Essentials provides you with a powerful boost of bioavailable vitamin B12, choline, and omega-3 fatty acids from Ahiflower®, which helps your body make DHA.†

✓ Vitamin B12
✓ Omega 3-6-9
✓ Choline
✓ Zinc

Bone Strength†

Vitamin D3, iron, trace minerals, and manganese are vital to maintaining strong bones, but these nutrients are often low or lacking in plant-based diets. Our peach mango Vegan Essentials packs them all into one ultra-bioavailable blend.

✓ Vitamin D
✓ Iron
✓ Magnesium
✓ Manganese

Vibrant Skin†

Skin health comes primarily from what you put inside your body, not what you put on the outside. Healthy, vibrant skin is not possible without proper levels of essential nutrients like biotin, vitamin E, and vitamin D3, all provided by our Vegan Essentials.†

✓ Vitamin E
✓ Vitamin C
✓ Selenium
✓ Biotin

Strong Hair And Nails†

The strength of your hair and nails comes virtually 100% from your diet, and biotin, vitamin D3, vitamin A, zinc, and selenium are all critical to hair and nail health. Plant-based diets often lack these key nutrients, so our Vegan Essentials provides them in a highly bioavailable form.

✓ Biotin
✓ Vitamin E
✓ Vitamin D
✓ Vitamin A

Muscle Mass†

Vegan diets are often deficient in the muscle-building amino acids L-carnitine, L-carnosine, L-creatine, and L-lysine. Our Vegan Essentials offers all of these nutrients in one convenient dose. It also provides Omega-3, vitamin B12, and vitamin D, which promote the protein metabolism required for muscle building.†

✓ L-carnosine
✓ Creatine
✓ L-carnitine
✓ L-lysine

As seen in:

Nutrition is a lot to digest. MicroGel makes it easy.

165% More Absorption

Top nutritional scientists developed our smooth and flavorful MicroGel™ to deliver tiny, ultra-absorbable nutrient particles to your digestive tract. From there, they absorb into your bloodstream and cells, where improved health begins.

One Vegan Essentials Gel Pack = more nutrients than 15 pills

Amino Acid Blend (Lysine, Taurine, Creatine, Carnitine, Carnosine)
B Vitamins (B6, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid)
Beta Glucan
Citrus Pectin
Mineral Blend
Omega 3
Soluble Fiber
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin K2
4x Time Saved
1.65x More Absorption
Mix It
Squeeze It
Blend It

Your way, every day

MicroGel replaces tablets, capsules and powders and elevates the supplement experience using only premium natural ingredients.

No fillers, binders or coatings. Just delicious daily nutrition that works.

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Our results (and experts) speak for themselves.

  • "Inadequate nutrient levels can lead to many health and quality of life issues, including fatigue and poor immunity. This is what I recommend to my patients."

    Vincent C. Giampapa MD, FACS
  • "I research every supplement I recommend, and HealthyCell's gel technology is exceptional, backed by clinical studies showing superior absorption. This is the future."

    Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN
  • "I recommend HealthyCell for its superior nutrient absorption and pill-free ease of use. My clients have seen improvements in health, quality of life, and lab results."

    Elizabeth Candela MA, RDN, CLT, LE
  • Vincent C. Giampapa MD, FACS
  • Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN
  • Elizabeth Candela MA, RDN, CLT, LE

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Vegan Favorites Bundle
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Power your cells with these potent, plant-based MicroGels™ designed to support your whole body.

Vegan Favorites Bundle

Vegan Favorites Bundle

Save 10%

1 box of Vegan Essentials, 1 box of Heart & Vascular Health, 1 box of Eye Health

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Hear from people who are proactively improving their lives with HealthyCell. Real people, real results, real reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take Vegan Essentials?

Vegan Essentials can be taken at any time but some users notice a boost in energy when taking it. For this reason, we recommend taking Vegan Essentials in the morning or early afternoon.

Do I need to refrigerate my gel packs?

HealthyCell MicroGels do not need to be refrigerated, but many customers store theirs in the refrigerator to enjoy a chilled experience. Try it out and see which you prefer.

Can I take Vegan Essentials with other vitamins and supplements?

We recommend checking with your licensed healthcare provider to see what is right for you. Generally, products can be used together as part of the same supplement regimen as long as the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K are not too high when considering the combined product usage. Check our Product Cross Use Guide to review overlapping nutrient levels.