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  • Box of HealthyCell REM Sleep
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  • “I have been taking this for almost a week now, I think I may see small subtle changes for now. I will keep using this product, I believe it works. Thank you so much healthy cell."

    Dawn H. Verified Buyer
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Calming herbs, amino acids, and natural, non-habit-forming ingredients support all four stages of sleep in this soothing cherry MicroGel™ that helps you wake refreshed and ready to seize the day.


  • Soothe the mind and body to sleep faster
  • Optimize sleep cycles to promote deep, longer lasting sleep
  • Support sleep hormone regulation†

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Supplement facts & ingredients
Who it's for

Anyone who wants to take control of their sleep with a powerful, natural and drug-free sleep aid that supports all four stages of the human sleep cycle

How to use

Enjoy it straight from the gel pack or mixed into a drink. Our Results Guarantee™ promises improvement in 30 days or your money back.

REM Sleep
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Delicious dreams do come true.

Fall Asleep Faster†

Your brain produces alpha and theta brainwaves as you transition from wakefulness into the first sleep stage called NREM-1. The melatonin, lemon balm extract, and GABA in our soothing REM Sleep MicroGel™ help you relax as you transition into sleep mode, allowing your mind and body to slow down and avoid feeling restless.†

✓ Melatonin
✓ Lemon Balm Extract

Regulate Body Temperature†

During the second stage of human sleep (NREM-2), your brain produces theta brain waves and your body transitions into a state of deep relaxation where your core temperature and heart rate decrease. Our dreamy cherry REM Sleep contains glycine, magnesium, and calcium help your body stay cooler at night to prepare for deep sleep.†

✓ Glycine
✓ Magnesium
✓ Calcium

Achieve Deep Lasting Sleep†

The third stage of human sleep (NREM-3) is when your brain produces delta brain waves, your blood pressure and breathing slow, your muscles relax, and your deep sleep occurs. Research shows this slow-wave sleep helps your brain detoxify by clearing out beta-amyloid plaque—the same plaque found in brain conditions associated with aging. Our REM Sleep gel delivers L-theanine and vitamin B6 to your cells so you can achieve deep relaxing sleep, wake up refreshed and ready to function at your peak performance with sustained energy while avoiding brain fog and feelings of sluggishness.†

✓ L-theanine
✓ Vitamin B6

Reach REM Sleep†

REM is the fourth stage of human sleep where your brain becomes more active, and your eyes move rapidly while closed. Everything in your body remains still except for the muscles that support circulation and breathing. Dreams also occur during this stage, and research shows your creative abilities are improved by REM sleep, which is supported by 5HTP, vitamin B6, and GABA nutrients in our tasty cherry REM Sleep.†

✓ 5HTP
✓ Vitamin B6

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Nutrition is a lot to digest. MicroGel makes it easy.

165% More Absorption

Top nutritional scientists developed our smooth and flavorful MicroGel™ to deliver tiny, ultra-absorbable nutrient particles to your digestive tract. From there, they absorb into your bloodstream and cells, where improved health begins.

One REM Sleep Gel Pack = more nutrients than 10 pills

Lemon Balm
Vitamin B6

Over 2,384 mg of sleep supporting nutrients in each gel pack

5.5x Time Saved
40% Saved
1.65x More Absorption
Mix It
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Your way, every day

MicroGel replaces tablets, capsules and powders and elevates the supplement experience using only premium natural ingredients.

No fillers, binders or coatings. Just delicious daily nutrition that works.

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Our results (and experts) speak for themselves.

  • "Inadequate nutrient levels can lead to many health and quality of life issues, including fatigue and poor immunity. This is what I recommend to my patients."

    Vincent C. Giampapa MD, FACS
  • "I research every supplement I recommend, and HealthyCell's gel technology is exceptional, backed by clinical studies showing superior absorption. This is the future."

    Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN
  • "I recommend HealthyCell for its superior nutrient absorption and pill-free ease of use. My clients have seen improvements in health, quality of life, and lab results."

    Elizabeth Candela MA, RDN, CLT, LE
  • Vincent C. Giampapa MD, FACS
  • Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN
  • Elizabeth Candela MA, RDN, CLT, LE

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much melatonin is in REM Sleep?

REM Sleep is formulated with 1mg of melatonin. This is a lower amount than many other sleep supplements because REM Sleep is formulated with melatonin plus other sleep supporting ingredients for a comprehensive sleep supplement that supports all four stages of sleep. Melatonin dosing is often misunderstood. Research suggests that lower doses of melatonin, typically in the range of 0.5 mg to 1 mg, are effective for most people in signaling the body's sleep cycle without causing excessive sleepiness or next-day grogginess.

Is REM Sleep addictive?

No. REM Sleep is non-habit forming (which means it’s not addictive).

Am I supposed to take it every night?

You don’t have to take it every night, but it can safely be taken nightly as it uses drug-free, non-habit forming ingredients.

How soon before bed should I take REM Sleep? How long until I feel the effects?

Within 30 to 60 minutes of taking REM Sleep, you should feel a strong sense of calm, clarity of mind, and an increasing level of tiredness. You should be ready to lie down, close your eyes, and go to sleep.

Can this be taken in conjunction with Calm Mood?

Yes. They can both be taken together.