Why to use microgels

The Power Of Gel

Next-generation nutrient delivery

MICROGEL™ is the next-generation nutrient delivery technology replacing tablets, capsules, and powders. This unique technology, formulated by world-leading nutritional scientists, ensures maximum absorption into the body by releasing extremely small, ultra-bioavailable, soluble nutrient particles in the digestive tract.

Pill-Free, Convenient and Enjoyable

A Better Experience

Upgrade to the first pill-free experience that delivers the nutrients you need without the vitamin taste. Enjoy straight from the gel pack, add to a drink, or blend in a smoothie.

100% Bioavailable

Nutrients You Can Absorb

Science has proven that nutrients must be soluble (dissolvable in water or oil) to be absorbed. Our breakthrough nutrient delivery system releases extremely small, soluble, ultra-bioavailable nutrient particles in the digestive tract. From there, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and then into cells where they work to improve health.

More Natural

Healthy "Other Ingredients"

Produced exclusively in the USA from premium ingredient sources, MICROGEL™ is a more natural way to supplement the diet by eliminating the need for synthetic binding blues, fillers, coatings, and anti-caking agents listed as "other ingredients" in many pill and powder supplements.

How it works