Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jamie is a true Southern Californian. After attending the University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology, she went on to study nutrition and marketing, two topics she is extremely passionate about.


Through her diverse background, Jamie has had the opportunity to apply her content creation and writing to serve a unique mix of brands and companies, allowing her to explore several industries. She is proud to have a portfolio that reflects her desire to educate and entertain her readers through her work, which includes print, digital, social, and ad copywriting.


Outside of her occupational endeavors, Jamie is involved in practically all forms of movement and activity. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Jamie now dabbles in distance running, yoga, and weightlifting. She likes to think of herself as an indecisive fitness fanatic and has since gone on to become certified in Yoga instruction (CYT) and personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT).