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Restorative Health: Benefits and More

Restorative Health: Benefits and More

In our fast-paced, constantly-connected world, it's more important than ever to find ways to rest and recharge. Restorative health is a highly beneficial way to improve your physical well-being by promoting rest and relaxation, as well as boosting your mental well-being.

But what exactly is restorative health? And what are the benefits of incorporating it into your life? Read on to find out!

What is Restorative Health?

It's important to understand what restorative health means to know exactly how it will benefit you. Restorative health is a way of understanding the body and its needs for health and well-being, taking account of all the factors - internal and external - that can affect us.

Restorative health is very holistic - it addresses all of the mind and body, not just one aspect or area. It focuses on nourishing yourself to help your overall well-being.

It is easy to treat symptoms rather than causes without adopting this concept. For example, if you develop a cough, you can take drugs to suppress the cough. However, the problem that originally caused the cough is still present. You haven't been healed; you've simply covered over the symptoms.

Restorative health works to treat the root causes of the issues your body may face, promoting long-lasting health.

Benefits of Restorative Health?

Restorative health is not a quick fix - it's about long-term health and well-being, taking care of your mind and body to make sure you live a happy and healthy life. Some actions towards restorative health can be used alone, but many require ongoing restorative activities as part of your restorative health strategy.

Adopting a restorative health approach can help manage chronic diseases and promote good health and rest.

Main Requirements for Restorative Health? 

1. Nutrition- You need to take several steps to ensure your body and mind are healthy. Building toward a level of physical fitness can help with both aspects, but you must ensure that your body is fueled correctly with the right food and nutrient.

2. Sleep- A second major requirement is ensuring that you get the right amount of sleep - but more importantly, you get a high quality of sleep. Sleep deprivation can occur if your sleep quality is low, no matter how many hours you remain asleep. (1)

3. Hydration- The third requirement is perhaps the simplest - drink enough water to remain hydrated throughout the day. Over 50% of Americans don't drink enough water, so it's critical to ensure you stay hydrated to restore your fundamental well-being. 

Food and Nutrition

One of the biggest factors affecting health is your food and nutrition intake. By taking the "whole body" holistic approach recommended by restorative health practitioners, the first step is to look at what you eat.

You know that if you eat certain foods (usually those high in sugar), you will enjoy the taste, feel great for a few minutes, and then spiral down into a not-so-happy state. Experiencing a low mood after eating such treats is common as it's a physical reaction within your body. (2)

You'll also be aware that your mood could be changed by taking certain prescription drugs. What you put in your body affects your mind, and it's important to have your mind focused on improving your overall health.

The FDA recommends a daily intake level of multiple vitamins and nutrients to keep your body functioning (3), but many people find it difficult to hit these targets.

Consuming too few nutrients you need can affect your body, mind, and immune system. A weakened immune system leaves you open to infection and illness that could potentially be avoided - a strong immune system is the foundation of restorative health.

Using Healthycell's Immune Super Boost as a daily supplement designed to easily consume the nutrients required to keep your immune system in top shape. Each ingredient has been specifically chosen to allow you to rest and recover and provide support for your immune system.


Immune Super Boost supports white blood cell count, a critical component of your immune system. White blood cells are our front-line soldiers in the war against infection, and they constantly need to be restocked.

Other ingredients promote a healthy immune response and support immune regulation. This means that if your body encounters a foreign invader, your immune system fights it off and restocks the resources spent during battle - it is the optimal way for your immune system to function.

The restorative health approach highlights that you need to ensure that you're not overloading your body with food and drink that may be detrimental to your restorative health. You can have too much of a good thing when it comes to supplements, but the ingredients in Immune Super Boost are carefully measured to provide the perfect dose.

Sleep Quality

The second restorative health requirement is a good relationship with sleep. Most people face issues with getting enough rest, which affects their overall mood for the rest of the day. (4)

If you do not get the right level of rest each night, you will feel sluggish and unable to perform well. Even after eight or nine hours, you might find that you still feel tired and lacking in energy.

When we sleep, our brain and body rest as we recharge and prepare to take on the challenges of a new day. There are several different sleep phases, and the REM stage is perhaps the most important. During this stage, your brain works to retain memories, and the areas of the brain that are essential to learning are activated. (5)

Being stuck in a cycle of waking up feeling tired is frustrating as it means you're not getting enough restorative rest each night. Healthycell REM Sleep helps you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed after a full night of deep and restorative sleep.


You can be confident in your journey to the REM stage with ingredients that support hormone regulation.


The third factor to support restorative health is hydration. Staying hydrated is essential as it ensures that your body functions at its optimum level.

Dehydrated people lack energy and see a decrease in skin elasticity, muscle strength, and cognitive function. Someone may become dehydrated after exercising or through insufficient water intake.

Dehydration is dangerous as it dulls the senses and has significant other consequences. (6) Research found that dehydration was linked to lethargy, impaired cognitive function, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, constipation, and even cancer. (7)

You can maintain good hydration with reminders, like keeping a bottle of water with you. Drinking water regularly helps keep your kidneys healthy, and is essential to keep your heart healthy and to regulate blood sugar levels.

Healthycell supplements are provided in individual packs using our next-generation MICROGEL™ delivery system that can be mixed in water (or a smoothie) as part of your hydration regime. Also, you can consume directly from the pack. As they are soluble, our supplements are easy to consume and easy for the body to absorb. You can be certain you're getting the right quantity of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients with every pack.

Other Factors for Restorative Health

Stress management

Minimizing stress is a sure way to facilitate restorative health. Meditation and mindfulness can help. You'll improve your mental well-being and relax more easily. By regulating your stress levels, you will sleep better at night and feel more refreshed in the morning.


From running or walking to yoga and everything in between, physical exercise can improve your physical and mental well-being. It's one of the best ways to improve your mood and energy levels - plus, it can boost your immune system performance. (8)

The Benefits of Restorative Health

Taking the time to look after yourself through rest, exercise, and appropriate nutrition and supplementation will give your body the best chance of supporting immunity, health and wellness. Restorative health isn't just about rest - it's about taking the time each day to look after yourself, both physically and mentally.

Supporting a strong immune system and overall health means you may find some side effects of your wellness journey, like: handling stress, having energy, and many even experience increased levels of serotonin for an overall boost in happiness. 

It's a great way to enhance your life, and it helps to take the time to appreciate what you already have. You can work on restorative health by making healthy choices, enjoying fun activities, and resting up when you need it most.

Restorative health is essential as we strive to live our best lives. It's time to focus on your overall well-being, and restorative health practices are the best place to start.



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