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Discover Ahiflower®: A Cleaner, Greener and Better Plant-Based Omega

26 Jun 2024 • 4 MIN HealthyCell Team
Discover Ahiflower®: A Cleaner, Greener and Better Plant-Based Omega


Ahiflower® is a plant-based, omega-rich oil that is quickly becoming a staple in the world of nutritional supplements. Derived from the seeds of the Buglossoides arvensis plant and regeneratively grown in the UK, Ahiflower oil is the richest source of essential omega fatty acids, offering a sustainable and effective alternative to traditional fish oil. At a 65% omega-3 content, Ahiflower has a multitude of benefits with a neutral taste not found in other omega-3 rich oils.

Consuming omega-rich Ahiflower Oil can*:

  • Support cognitive health
  • Support joint health
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Support a healthy skin, hair and hormonal balance
  • Enhance the gut microbiome


    Look Well, Move Well, Feel Well

    Ahiflower delivers an evidence-based, complete and balanced omega oil that can help you look, move & feel well, every day.  

    • Its liver-protective properties and balanced omega profile improve skin health, leading to a glowing and youthful appearance*. 
    • By supporting joint health and a healthy inflammatory response, Ahiflower oil enhances mobility, flexibility and post-exercise recovery*, making it easier to stay active and enjoy life to the fullest.
    • The cognitive benefits of Ahiflower help you feel well by boosting mental clarity, focus, and overall brain health*, ensuring you stay sharp and energized throughout the day. 

    Because of the multitude of benefits, Ahiflower can be found in these HealthyCell MicroGels™: Focus + Recall, Heart & Vascular Health, Vegan Essentials, Joint Health & Mobility, and Eye Heath. Don’t worry though, consuming several different MicroGels™ containing Ahiflower won’t lead to too much Ahiflower intake. In fact, most American diets don’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids.


    What makes Ahiflower different from other omega-3 supplements? 
    • Most complete and balanced source of essential omegas
    • 100% sustainable and traceable, non-GMO
    • Regeneratively grown, adding valuable biodiversity to the land
    • No fishy tastes, smells, or burp backs
    • Delivers similar health benefits as both fish oil and evening primrose oil… from a single plant
    • Up to 4X more effective than flax oil, naturally and efficiently metabolizing to EPA & DHA
    • 1 acre of Ahiflower provides as much omega-rich oil as 500,000 anchovies


    How is Ahiflower® Oil different compared to conventional seed oils?

    In recent years, there has been growing concern about the use of seed oils in products, largely due to the inflammatory reputation associated with some of them.  However, it’s crucial to understand that not all seed oils are the same.

    Ahiflower oil does, indeed, come from an oilseed crop. However, everything about Ahiflower oil’s farming, supply chain, processing, and composition differs from industrial/commodity ‘seed oils’ (corn, soy, canola, sunflower, etc.). Here’s how: 

    1. Farming — Ahiflower oil is grown regeneratively, through multi-year rotations keeping a living root in the ground, and traceably in the UK by Nature Crops International’s (NCI) independent, dedicated farmers. Commodity seed oils are not typically grown regeneratively or traceably to their original farms. Ahiflower crop farming builds soil health and rural farmland biodiversity including soil microbial and pollinator diversity. Commodity oilseed crops are typically grown intensively on the same fields (not rotationally) and not regeneratively using conventional, extractive, chemical-intensive farming methods. Ahiflower oil is Non-GMO Project Verified.
    2. Supply Chain — NCI grows everything with full traceability back to UK farms in a fully de-risked supply chain. There are no middlemen or brokers between NCI’s growers and NCI’s dedicated oilseed refinery in PEI Canada. Most commodity seed oils have lost all traceability to source regions (let alone farms) and have added layers of brokers and middlemen driving the supply and co-mingling seeds supplies from around the world.
    3. Processing — Ahiflower oil is expeller pressed and lightly batch-refined without the use of any synthetic solvents. Industrial commodity oils are typically solvent-extracted and highly refined/purified and stripped.
    4. Composition — Ahiflower oil is among the richest of omega-3 dietary oil sources, including vs flax, fish, and many algal oils. Ahiflower oil is the richest combined source of anti-inflammatory SDA and GLA. Most commodity seed oils are high in omega-6 linoleic acid which drives pro-inflammatory processes in the body and is disbalanced generally in the Western diet. Ahiflower’s omega-3:6 ratio of 4:1 helps people rebalance their daily fat intakes away from the pro-inflammatory influences of high omega-6 seed oils. It helps to balance out the almost ubiquitous presence of high omega-6 seed oils in foods/bevs.

    Consumers who are concerned and staying away from typical commodity seed oils in their diets can rest assured that Ahiflower oil is almost the polar opposite of those seed oils for the reasons above.

    With its unique fatty acid profile, myriad health benefits, and eco-friendly cultivation practices, Ahiflower oil represents a superior alternative to commercial seed oils. By opting for Ahiflower oil, you’re not only making a healthier choice for yourself, but also the planet.


    Embrace the Future of Health with Ahiflower 

    At HealthyCell, we believe in the power of natural supplements to enhance your well-being. Ahiflower is the plant-based omega rooted in wellness, providing a potent, sustainable source of essential fatty acids backed by published research. Its numerous health benefits, from improved cardiovascular health to gut-brain support, microbiome balance, and enhanced cognitive function, make it an invaluable addition to your daily regimen.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.