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Choosing a Liquid Vitamin For Health

Choosing a Liquid Vitamin For Health

Vitamins are essential to our health, and liquid vitamins are a great way to get them. Liquid vitamins are absorbed more easily by the body than pills, so you get the maximum benefit from them. (1) They're also more convenient to take and can be easier on the stomach.

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There are many different liquid vitamins on the market, so how do you choose the right one? Should you choose individual liquid vitamins or go for a multivitamin instead?

Individual liquid vitamins

If you have a specific vitamin deficiency, your doctor may recommend taking an individual liquid vitamin. For example, if you're low in vitamin D, you might take a liquid vitamin D supplement.

Individual liquid vitamins are also a good choice if you have trouble swallowing pills. They're easy to take, and you don't have to worry about them getting stuck in your throat. (2)

This is particularly important if you are taking several different liquid vitamins, as it is easier to drink them down than it is to swallow multiple pills.


A multivitamin is a good choice if you want to take more than one vitamin or mineral at a time. They provide a broad range of nutrients, so you're sure to get what you need. They're also convenient and easy to take.

Multivitamins offer the best way of consuming the recommended amount of micronutrients every day. (3) It can be difficult to hit the target through your diet alone, and choosing a liquid vitamin will ensure that you gain the full benefit of the ingredients of a multivitamin.

When choosing a liquid vitamin, look for one that is easy to take, has a good range of nutrients, and is affordable. Healthycell Bioactive Multi contains the full range of vitamins and micronutrients recommended by the FDA and is supplied in individual daily packs of MICROGEL™ to ensure you get the best absorption.

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MICROGEL™ is a gel-based next-generation nutrient delivery system that can be taken directly from the pack or mixed with water or a smoothie to make a nutritious drink.

Nutrient particles are released directly into the digestive tract, providing a superior rate of absorption when compared to pills or capsules.

If you're looking for a liquid vitamin that is easy to take, has a good range of nutrients, and is affordable, Healthycell Bioactive Multi is a great choice.

What Should I Expect From a Liquid Vitamin Supplement?

The nutritional benefits will be determined by the ingredients. Some vitamins will work well on their own, but others work better with other ingredients.

For example, liquid vitamin C by itself will provide a range of benefits (4), but liquid vitamin D3 and K2 work better together. (5)

Here are some of the ingredients you will find in a multivitamin supplement like Bioactive Multi or its vegan alternative, Vegan Essentials.

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Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate): Vitamin A is important for vision (6), immune function, and cell growth. (7)

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage. (8) It is also important for wound healing (9) and immune function. (10)

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol): Vitamin D is important for bone health (11), immune function (12), and cell growth. (13)

Vitamin K2 (NattoMK-7™ menaquinone-7): Vitamin K2 is important for blood clotting and bone health. (14)

Liquid vitamin D3 and K2 together are more effective than either vitamin alone. This is because they work together to promote calcium absorption and help to maintain bone density. (15)

Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl from sunflower): Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage. It is also important for skin health (16) and fertility. (17)

Thiamin (thiamin mononitrate): Thiamin is important for energy production and nervous system function. (18)

Riboflavin: Riboflavin is important for energy production (19) and cell growth. (20)

Niacin (niacinamide): Niacin is important for energy production, nervous system function, and as an antioxidant. (21)

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride): Vitamin B6 is important for immune function and heart health. (22)

Folate (calcium-L-methyltetrahydrofolate): Folate is important for cell growth and development and can help to prevent birth defects. (23, 24)

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin): Vitamin B12 is important nervous system function (25) and red blood cell production. (26)

Biotin (d-biotin): Biotin is important for cell growth. (27)

These ingredients ensure that you'll experience the health benefits of a multivitamin, but a liquid vitamin supplement should also contain minerals to further boost its effectiveness.

Iodine is important for thyroid function (28) and brain development (29), while magnesium is important for energy production (30), bone health (31), and nervous system function (32).

Selenium is an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage (33), and zinc is important for immune function and cell growth. (34)

Manganese is important for blood clotting, bone health, and connective tissues. (35) Chromium is important for blood sugar control (36) and cholesterol metabolism. (37)

Molybdenum is important for detoxification (38), and you'll find all these minerals present in Bioactive Multi.

With the addition of natural fruit extracts to further enhance the easy-to-take supplement, it becomes clear that a liquid vitamin is the right choice.

What are the Benefits of a Liquid Vitamin?

A liquid vitamin supplement has several advantages over other types of supplements.

The first benefit is that liquid vitamins are more easily absorbed by the body. They bypass the digestive system and don't need to be broken down, and are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

This means that you'll experience the full benefits of the vitamins and minerals, as they'll be available for your cells to use immediately.

Another advantage of liquid vitamins is that they're less likely to cause side effects as they don't contain the filler ingredients found in pills or capsules.

A liquid vitamin allows for a higher concentration of active ingredients. There's no need for binders, fillers, or other ingredients, so liquid vitamin supplements can contain a purer version of the nutrients you need.

Finally, liquid vitamins are more convenient to take than other forms of supplements. They're easy to carry with you and can be taken anytime. You'll experience no issues swallowing them, which is very important if taking a multivitamin.

Multivitamins can replace upwards of five individual vitamin pills, and taking a liquid multivitamin simply means you have a single drink to swallow. If the alternative is attempting to swallow five or more pills or capsules, many people will be unable to finish the dose. (39)

This can result in many problems, as the vitamins and minerals won't be regularly distributed throughout the body. If you struggle to swallow certain vitamin pills, you just won't get enough of the macronutrients you need.

A liquid supplement solves this problem, as you simply drink the dose and know that your body is getting everything it needs. It is the best way to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs. With a liquid supplement, you'll also know the exact dosage of each vitamin and mineral you're taking.

This is important, as too much or too little of certain vitamins and minerals can cause problems. For example, too much vitamin A can lead to liver damage (40), while too little iron can cause anemia. (41)

A liquid supplement ensures that you're taking the right amount of each vitamin and mineral to be sure you're getting the maximum benefit with minimal risk of side effects.

Choosing a Liquid Vitamin for Health

Liquid vitamins for women and men can be marketed in a way to convince you that there is a vast difference between the two products, but in reality, the requirements for a nutritional baseline for any human as the same as any other. (42)

There might be medical reasons for needing more of a certain nutrient. You might experience a life stage where a difference is noticeable, for example, during pregnancy or entering your senior years. But other than that, getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients each day is more about the quality of the product than anything else.

When you're looking for a liquid vitamin, look for one that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals and a few extras to boost its efficacy.

The best liquid vitamins will also be free from artificial ingredients, coloring, and flavoring. And they should be easy to take, preferably with a pleasant taste so you can enjoy them too.

Bioactive Multi ticks all these boxes and more. A balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural fruit extracts is the perfect way to ensure your body is getting everything it needs.


A liquid vitamin is the best way to ensure you're getting the nutrients you need for optimal health. Choose a quality product that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals and a few extras that will complement the other ingredients, and take it daily for the best results.

Bioactive Multi is complete, pure, and potent. It's everything you need for optimum health in a convenient liquid form.

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So why wait? Give yourself the nutritional edge today with Bioactive Multi liquid vitamins.

About the Author

Dr. Giampapa is a world-renowned medical doctor, inventor, and surgeon specializing in anti-aging medicine. He recently received a nomination for the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking stem cell research, as well as the Edison Award for the Healthycell nutritional supplement for cell health. He was also awarded the A4M Science & Technology award for his development of the BioMarker Matrix Profile – the first computer program to measure aging. Learn more about Dr. Vincent Giampapa.



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