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What are the Best Liquid Bariatric Vitamins?

Diet, exercise, and the best bariatric vitamins are essential for your healthy recovery (which takes a lot longer than you think) and to keep your new and improved body in top shape.

07 Jul 2019 • 7 MIN Vincent Giampapa MD
bariatric vitamins

If you’ve had bariatric weight loss surgery, you know how important it is to take care of your new body. Diet, exercise, and the best bariatric vitamins are essential for your healthy recovery (which takes a lot longer than you think) and to keep your new and improved body in top shape. Most bariatric clinicians recommend taking an all-in-one multivitamin, and possibly additional individual nutrients like calcium and iron, both before and every single day after your surgery.[1,2]

  • If you’re still getting ready for surgery, a good quality multivitamin will ensure that your tank is full. You won’t be able to eat regular meals for a while, so loading up your cells with nutrients through diet and supplements will reduce your risk of micronutrient deficiencies down the road.
  • If you’re post-surgery, it’s important to support your body with the right nutrients to promote healing, and to compensate for the changes in your GI tract. Weight loss surgery presents some unique challenges for your body. It affects not only what and how you can eat, but also how well you absorb nutrients from food and vitamins.[2] It’s important to find an effective bariatric vitamin that’s absorbed well, and that’s easy to take. 

There are a lot of vitamins out there, so how do you know which one is right for you?  Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing your research:

The Best Bariatric Vitamins Have the Right Vitamins

Anyone who has had bariatric surgery is at risk for long-term nutrient deficiencies. Your specific supplement needs depend on the type of procedure you had, but according to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the nutrients that can almost always use a boost include:[3,4]

According to their research and guidelines, most people go into bariatric surgery at least a little bit (or often a lot) depleted in these vitamins and minerals. That means, after surgery, and especially as time goes by, your risk of nutritional deficiency increases. Vitamin D is a big one with wide-reaching effects, and a deficiency is almost guaranteed unless you take a supplement. Their research shows 100% of post-weight loss surgery patients have inadequate levels of vitamin D.[4] 

It’s clear you need to stock up on vitamins, but before you hit the Buy Now button on Amazon, be aware that not all multivitamins are created equal. Some are missing important nutrients that you may need, and others have far more than your GI tract can handle, or that your body needs. Most have “other ingredients” like synthetic coatings, binding glues, fillers, and flow agents and if you’re sensitive to these inactive ingredients, you’re out of luck.

Bioactive Multi by Healthycell is a new gel multivitamin formulated to be gut-friendly, free from common food allergens like dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, and free of synthetic coatings, binding glues, fillers, flow agents and artificial flavors. It also provides 19 of the essential vitamins and minerals you need (including plenty of vitamin D), along with cell-protecting phytonutrients, antioxidants and prebiotic fiber to feed the good bacteria in your gut.

The Best Bariatric Vitamins Are Not Pills! Liquids Are Better Absorbed

Absorption is a major concern after bariatric surgery – not just with the foods you eat but also with your supplements. You might assume all vitamins dissolve and are absorbed equally well, but unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. Studies have found some multivitamin pills don’t fully break apart within 30 minutes (as required by the U.S. Pharmacopeia) and still don’t dissolve after an additional 30 minutes.[5] Even with supplements that do disintegrate, the nutrient particle sizes are about the size of fine grains of sand – too large to be absorbed and used by your body. 

That’s a concern for everyone but especially for someone who has had weight loss surgery. It’s important to take a vitamin supplement that’s quickly absorbed and gentle on your stomach. You need one that’s focused on health-promoting nutrients instead of binding glues, fillers, coatings, and other things commonly found in pill supplements, that may upset your stomach.

There are some negative with liquid multivitamins to look out for. 

With liquid bariatric vitamins, there is no pill to break down, so they are more highly absorbed than tablets. But many nutrients inside are still too big to be absorbed. If your liquid multi says “shake before you take” then it means many nutrients are still the size of sand particles, settling on the bottom, without the ability to be absorbed. You’re best off with a perfectly dissolving liquid multivitamin, but there is a new, even better option you’ll read about shortly.

Another negative is that some liquid bariatric vitamins contain artificial colors, flavors, and surprisingly low (or excessively high) doses of vitamins.

A New Delivery Technology Revolutionizing Bariatric Vitamins – The Microgel

Healthycell’s uniquely formulated MICROGEL™ delivery system is hands down the best solution for anyone looking for a highly effective liquid bariatric vitamin. It’s a liquid vitamin with a twist – it’s actually contained in a gel you can take right from the gel pack, mix in water, or mix in food (like yogurt).

Healthycell’s first product with this technology is Bioactive Multi. Expertly formulated by physicians and nutritionist, Bioactive Multi offers a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, plus phytonutrients, botanical antioxidants and prebiotics in highly bioavailable forms for anyone seeking a solid nutritional foundation but is especially helpful for bariatric patients.

The bioactive nutrients inside Bioactive Multi are micronized and infused into an all-natural microgel that releases tiny nutrient particles at specific locations in your digestive tract where they’re quickly and easily absorbed. And it’s 100% free from those “other ingredients” your stomach doesn’t want, and your body doesn’t need. 

The cutting-edge microgel technology allows for maximum bioavailability and absorption. You can trust that Healthycell’s Bioactive Multi is well absorbed, because it’s guaranteed to work.

The Best Bariatric Vitamin Is the One You Actually Remember to Take

How many times have you spent money on supplements only to find that you either forget to take them, or you can’t stand to take them? You’re not alone. 

In addition to their potential absorption problems, most people would agree pills are unpleasant to swallow, and many brands of liquid bariatric vitamins taste downright horrible. Not fun – especially if you have to take them several times each day. 

Gummies taste great, but they’re so full of sugar, they really are more like candy. Most brands tested by Consumer Labs, an independent supplement testing lab, got a failing grade because they contained too much or too little of the micronutrients listed on the label.[6] 

Even if you do find a brand of liquid bariatric vitamin that tastes OK, most still strike out for convenience. Many brands require refrigeration, which is a struggle when you’re away from home or traveling. And of course, there’s the matter of mixing or measuring, and toting around measuring spoons or medicine cups. Another important downside of liquid vitamins is that some of the vitamins in the bottle, especially vitamin C and folic acid, tend to degrade a little bit more each time that bottle is opened.

Convenient, Tastes Great, Less Filling

Healthycell’s Bioactive Multi is the ideal way to not only get your vitamins, but also, enjoy taking them too (really!). First, there’s the convenience factor. Each dose is individually packaged in a small squeeze packet, so it can go where you go. No refrigeration required – keep them in your purse, gym bag or desk drawer. No quality issues. No measuring spoons, and never a risk of over or underdosing.

If you're a vegan or eating mostly plant-based, then Healthycell's Vegan Essentials peach-mango MICROGEL is the option for you. It includes all of the nutrients vegans need most, like vegan vitamin B12, vegan vitamin D3, vegan omega 3-6-9 for a source of DHA and EPA, iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, choline, and specific amino acids (L-carnitine, L-carnosine, L-creatine, L-lysine, L-taurine,) and much more.

Next, with a fresh, natural, mixed berry flavor they taste great whether you shoot them straight out of the packet or add them to your oatmeal, stir them into a smoothie, or drizzle them over your yogurt for an extra-nutritious meal or snack. No more chasing down your unsavory vitamin supplement with water or another beverage when your stomach is already too full.

A Delicious Habit

Kudos to you for investing so much in yourself – you’re healthier because of it, and it’s important to stay that way. Forming good habits that are easy to keep will help you to maintain your weight and stay healthy. Taking a daily multivitamin is one of those habits, so do your research and make sure you’re taking the one that works as hard as you have. The company that makes it even offers a free two-day sample of the Bioactive Multi and Vegan Essentials.


 Top Nutrient Deficiencies After Bariatric Surgery


  • What are the best gastric sleeve vitamins? Those who had gastric bypass surgery and looking for the best gastric bypass supplements should try our adult liquid vitamins for full-spectrum nutrients that are safe to ingest.
  • Is there a bariatric multivitamin with iron? Yes, Bioactive Multi and Vegan Essentials are multivitamins with iron to improve bone strength and super boost your immune system.
  • Why no gummy vitamins after bariatric surgery? Since gummy vitamins have low absorption, manufacturers tend to include more vitamin levels than they should, risking overconsumption. For those who recently had bariatric surgery, overconsumption of vitamins is dangerous.

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