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  1. How to Lengthen Telomeres with 7 Natural Ingredients

    If you’ve done any research on the root of aging, you’ve learned about the connection between telomere length, longevity, a lower risk of disease and health issues. Commonly referred to as the "caps on our shoelaces" for our DNA or genes, telomeres protect these strands at the end of our DNA from shortening and fraying. It’s now believed these internal time-keepers (and their length) control how quickly we age or how early we see signs of aging.

  2. Are the nation’s leading dietary guidelines based on false data?

    If you’ve ever seen a food pyramid or the more current breakdown of plates by food groups, you have the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to thank. Since 1985, the HHS has published updated dietary guidelines about once every five years based on changes to the average American’s diet. On the surface, these recommendations seem harmless enough, and the HHS has been gearing up to publish its latest 2015 edition of the guidelines later this year.

    It’s easy to take advice on face value, but what if everything you’ve been told about nutrition and cell healthis wrong? 

  3. Healthycell vs. Multivitamins

    One of the common misconceptions about Healthycell is its comparison to a common, everyday, multivitamin. The power of Healthycell to provide you with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required by your cells and body for smooth daily function dwarfs the ability of the common multivitamin.

    Most manufacturers of the common multivitamin pack their products with the cheaper forms of vitamins and minerals. This practice makes most multivitamins poorly bioavailable. Additionally, the common multivitamin often contains non-essential and potentially harmful ingredients as binders and fillers.

    At least three reputable studies have shown that these common vitamins may be a waste of your time and money.

  4. 4 of 5 Supplements in NY Stores don’t Contain Listed Ingredients

    In recent years, health-conscious consumers have been doing a lot of reading. Rather than checking out the newest diet trend in a magazine or perusing a low-sodium cookbook, shoppers have been poring over the nutritional labels on their favorite foods.

    Keeping track of what’s going into your body is a great way to stay in shape and maintain cell health, but what if some manufacturers were taking advantage of nutritional labels just to make more money? Unfortunately, if you take cell health supplements to replenish your body’s supply of micro- and phytonutrients, you might have been taken for a ride. According to a statement from the office of the New York State Attorney General, 4 out of 5 brand name supplements sold at major retailers through the state contain virtually no amounts of their advertised herbal ingredients.

  5. Do I Need to Take Vitamins?

    One trip down the central streets of many major American cities will show that consumer demand for unhealthy foods is at its zenith. Unfortunately, our food choices have resulted not only in the advancement of obesity (as a severe public health problem,) but also in a serious lack of nutrition-based dietary decisions that can result in the development of many serious conditions. In other words, it’s not only what we eat that can harm us; it’s also what we don’t eat.

    To make matters worse, even “so-called” healthy foods aren’t as healthy as they once were due to nutrient depletion in our soil, and pollutants in the air we breathe and the water we drink.

  6. Common Signs of Vitamin Deficiencies You Shouldn’t Ignore

    As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” While this is mostly true in that if you stuff yourself full of processed foods and sugary snacks made of nothing but empty calories, you’re probably not going to feel up for running a marathon or even chasing your kids around the yard. Creating a sound foundation of cell health is always going to be the first step on the road to all-around well-being.

    However, when you miss out on just one or two essential phytonutrients that your cells need for basic functions, you could feel a big difference when you need your body at its best. In fact, the symptoms of some vitamin deficiencies can be so widespread that you might confuse them for illnesses like the flu or something even worse. Instead, take a look at these common signs that you need to fuel your cells with the proper vitamins before it’s too late.

  1. MICROGEL™ — A New Category of Dietary Supplement

    MICROGEL™ is the next-generation ultra-bioavailability nutrient delivery technology that replaces tablets, capsules, and powders. It is delivered in convenient, single-serve, easy to swallow gel packs (otherwise known as gel sachets). Formulated by world-leading nutritional scientists, this unique gel matrix ensures maximum absorption of the suspended active nutrients into the bloodstream, and then into cells, where they have a biological effect.

  2. Vitamin C: Sources, Forms, Benefits, Dosage & Deficiency Symptoms

    If you’re feeling run down, a glass of orange juice or a good vitamin C supplement may be just what you need. Vitamin C helps the body boost immunity, stay energized, and heal faster. Read more below to learn how vitamin C helps keep you healthy, plus what you can do to make sure you’re getting enough.