Top 5 Goji Berry Benefits Backed By Science

Often hailed as one of the world’s true “superfruits” owing to its 2,000 year history as a functional food, popular throughout Asia and the northwest regions of China, the legendary Goji berry enjoys a reputation as a potent natural antioxidant as well as a rich source of fiber, protein, and other nutrients capable of bestowing extraordinary health benefits; including anti-aging, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, antioxidation, and immune system enhancement.[1]

To learn more about Goji berry benefits, read on:

A True Super Berry

The Goji berry, sometimes referred to as “wolfberry” or by its scientific name, Lyceum barbarum, is a 1 to 2 centimeters-long red-orange berry with a tangy-sweet flavor. Traditionally harvested in the autumn, the Goji is normally sun-dried before use.[1]

As a nutritional supplement, just how “super” is the Goji berry? 

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, participants were asked to consume 120 mL (4 ounces) of Goji berry juice daily for 14 days then describe any physical or mental changes they subjectively experienced during the trial.  After two weeks, those consuming Goji berry daily reported an increase in energy levels, better athletic performance, improved quality of sleep, greater ability to focus, greater sense of calm, overall well-being, a significant reduction in overall stress, and better digestion[2]:  More than enough subjective benefits to warrant Goji’s superfruit status!  

Goji Berry Benefit #1:  Rich with Nutrients & Essential Protein

Goji is brimming with nutrients.  Believe it or not, the tiny berry contains 3 grams of protein per one-ounce serving and supplies 17 of 20 amino acids - including all 9 essential amino acids. Goji supports digestion and is packed with 13% dietary fiber3 which helps mitigate feelings of hunger and assists weight loss.  

Providing 26.822 IU of Vitamin A and 48.4 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, the super fruit is also high in minerals such as copper, selenium, iron, potassium, zinc, as well as vitamin B2 and thiamine; a vitamin necessary for the growth, development, and function of cells.[4]

Goji Berry Benefit #2:  Free Radical Fighter and Cell Protector

The development of degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s – and even the aging process itself – is often attributed to the presence of harmful, unstable molecules in the body called free radicals.[5] With an ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of nearly 3,300, Goji berry is ranked high on the list of fruits and vegetables that can mitigate free radical activity, oxidative stress and prevent free radicals from damaging DNA and other cellular components leading to the development of degenerative disease.[6]

Goji Berry Benefit #3:  Anti-Cancer 

Researchers have reported the Goji berry’s anti-cancer properties in test tube studies and animal studies. In one of many such studies, Goji berry extract applied to human and rat liver cancer cells stopped the cancer cells from proliferating and triggered apoptosis.[7]  

A recent study demonstrating the Goji berry’s anti-cancer effect on human breast cancer and lack of toxicity to healthy skin cells concluded with the researcher’s statement acknowledging the preventive potential of Goji in the treatment of breast cancer.[8]

Goji Berry Benefit #4: Natural Blood Sugar Control 

Research is showing the Goji berry could be an excellent alternative to currently available diabetic drugs – one that produces no adverse side effects.  

The efficacy of Goji berries for patients with type II diabetes was shown in a 2015 study (Cai et al). In this 3-month study, Goji berry supplements were administered twice daily in 300 mg capsules to diabetic type II patients. According to the study’s authors, improvements in after-meal serum glucose levels and increases of HDL were observed. The results were more successful in patients who did not use anti-hypoglycemic drugs.

The study showed that Goji berry has the potential to be effective in the treatment and control of Type II diabetes and to become a natural alternative to currently prescribed pharmaceutical medications, as Goji berry is natural, virtually 100% effective, and produces no adverse side effects.[9]

Goji Berry Benefit #5:  Vision Health

Many researchers believe that zeaxanthin and lutein, two phytochemicals naturally occurring in the Goji berry, are potent protectors against macular degeneration and may retard aging of the lens and prevent the formation of cataracts.  

So, vision health is another benefit of the Goji berry.[10]  

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