The Healthycell Multivitamin Alternative

At first, the decision to choose a multivitamin may seem like an easy task. The decision could rest primarily on cost, or perhaps one that offers more of a particular ingredient that you may need. But for most people, there is little or no difference in multivitamin products.

A closer look reveals that not all multivitamins are alike. In fact, some multivitamins may contain ingredients that are unnecessary or even harmful. To test this, we reviewed the ingredients for a few popular multivitamin brands.

The ingredients of one very popular multivitamin caught our attention. As with other food products, ingredients are listed according to their percentage of the overall quantity. So, for example, if you see “glucose syrup” as the first in a list of ingredients for a multivitamin, that means that out of all of the ingredients, there is more glucose syrup than any other.

In the popular multivitamin we scrutinized, that was the case. Worse, “glucose syrup” was followed by “sucrose.”

According to one nutritional analysis, “Glucose syrup may be fat-free, but it’s a concentrated source of calories and offers very little nutritional value. While glucose is the fuel for your body, consuming it in syrup form isn’t going to boost your energy levels.”

Sucrose is the proper term used to describe sugar. Two simple sugars, glucose and fructose, are combined to form the complex carbohydrate known as sucrose. In other words, these ingredients offer no nutritional value to the multivitamin, they are simply there to improve taste. But in both cases, they are unnecessary and cumulatively, they may be harmful.

The Healthier Multivitamin Option

Now contrast the ingredients of the mass-produced, artificially sweetened multivitamin with the healthy version from Healthycell. Each daily dose of Healthycell as a multivitamin contains:

Vitamins – Thirteen of the most essential vitamins you need to help ensure the smooth function of your body and mind.

Minerals – The nine mineral components of Healthycell’s multivitamin help promote health and well-being.

Specific Groups of Phytonutrients for Cell Health – Most multivitamins do not contain phytonutrients, but healthycell does, including:

• Free Radical Scavenger Complex

• DNA Repair Complex

• Stem Cell Maintenance Complex

• Telomere Maintenance Complex

• Cell Regulation Complex

• Digestion/Absorption Enhancers

The Healthycell Multivitamin Difference

Healthycell is committed to developing the highest quality products that empower people to take control of their own health at the most basic level – the cell. At Healthycell, we take pride in creating multivitamins and other supplements that actually work, with formulations supported by first-class scientific research and clinical evidence.

At Healthycell, we avoid fads and fashionable ingredients in favor of science. We diligently and continuously research the existing and emerging literature to create evidence-based formulations. Second, when existing research is lacking, we fund external research projects at top tier academic research institutions in order to help develop that evidence.

From raw material analysis to final product inspection, every multivitamin production step is carefully monitored and documented, with full accountability and in-process quality controls. The Quality Control/Analytical Development Department of our manufacturer consists of a highly trained staff of degreed chemists under the supervision of resident Ph.Ds., a team that performs analytical testing of raw materials, in-process samples, and finished goods in a cGMP/GLP-compliant facility.

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