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  1. Want Better Health? Feed Your Cells

    Want Better Health? Feed Your Cells

    Many of us place a heavy emphasis on our health and nutrition with the hope of improving our energy levels, our focus, and our sleep. Moreover, as we age these facets of our well-being become even more crucial, as these areas naturally start to decline. But the question is, are we doing enough to promote total-body health and prevent the negative effects of aging?

  2. MICROGEL™ — A New Category of Dietary Supplement

    MICROGEL™ — A New Category of Dietary Supplement

    MICROGEL™ is the next-generation ultra-bioavailability nutrient delivery technology that replaces tablets, capsules, and powders. It is delivered in convenient, single-serve, easy to swallow gel packs (otherwise known as gel sachets). Formulated by world-leading nutritional scientists, this unique gel matrix ensures maximum absorption of the suspended active nutrients into the bloodstream, and then into cells, where they have a biological effect.

  3. The Healthycell Multivitamin Alternative

    The Healthycell Multivitamin Alternative

    At first, the decision to choose a multivitamin may seem like an easy task. The decision could rest primarily on cost, or perhaps one that offers more of a particular ingredient that you may need. But for most people, there is little or no difference in multivitamin products.

    A closer look reveals that not all multivitamins are alike. In fact, some multivitamins may contain ingredients that are unnecessary or even harmful. To test this, we reviewed the ingredients for a few popular multivitamin brands.