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  1. Cat's Claw Benefits Target the Root of Aging

    Cat's Claw Benefits Target the Root of Aging

    Cat’s claw is a woody vine native to the Amazon rainforest and other tropical Central/South American regions. Its vines climb as high as 100 feet using hook-like thorns. For thousands of years, Amazon tribes have extracted medicinal compounds from the leaves and bark of the cat's claw vine by boiling these materials and making tea to enjoy cat's claw benefits.1 The anti-aging phytonutrients provided by the cat's claw plant supported health and unusual longevity in these Amazonian tribes despite their inadequate diet. For these reasons, scientific researchers traveled to the Amazon to study cat’s claw, which eventually led to its commercial sale worldwide.

  2. How to Lengthen Telomeres with 7 Natural Ingredients

    How to Lengthen Telomeres with 7 Natural Ingredients

    If you’ve done any research on the root of aging, you’ve learned about the connection between telomere length, longevity, a lower risk of disease and health issues. Commonly referred to as the "caps on our shoelaces" for our DNA or genes, telomeres protect these strands at the end of our DNA from shortening and fraying. It’s now believed these internal time-keepers (and their length) control how quickly we age or how early we see signs of aging.