This Anti-Aging Supplement is a Cultural Norm

This Anti-Aging Supplement is a Cultural Norm

Every so often, the news includes someone who has lived to an extraordinary age. As the story unfolds, the elderly person is asked about the secret to his or her longevity. Of course, the super senior person cannot say with certainty why he or she has lived so long, but the reasons given seem to repeat themselves in these stories.

Typically, they have very low levels of stress, something that we in America can learn from. They also have particular nutritional elements that they will claim have not only extended their lives, but have also given them a relatively high quality of life.

And perhaps it’s just our perception, but most of these very old people seem to be from China and the immediate surrounding regions.

When we connect the dots, we see that for many years the Chinese diet has included the cordyceps mushroom, which research has shown to have anti-aging qualities. One report indicated that, “…cordyceps has incredible potential in helping to reverse the negative effects of aging.”

The scientists at Healthycell knew this, which is why long before cordyceps got in the spotlight, we were including it in Healthycell products. The report continued, “In tests, cordyceps successfully altered the expression of certain gene clusters that typically begin to slow down the activity of cellular mitochondria around the age of 30.

“Other results included a demonstrated lengthening of the maximal and average lifespans of the populations on whom the mushroom was tested, as well as significant increase in antioxidant activity that reduces oxidative damage from free radicals.”

Cordyceps sinensis is an ancient medicinal fungi originating in China and Tibet. Human cells are stimulated in a positive way by this extract, potentially increasing immune system performance. Cordyceps is often made into a tea and used for boosting the immune system, supporting liver health and fatigue. Its use may also benefit respiratory disease, heart disease, and hyperglycemia.

Unfortunately, knowledge of cordyceps’ benefits is largely limited to nutrition professionals.

For the average U.S. consumer, the consumption of cordyceps during their lifetime is about zero. Because we know that very few people have access to cordyceps and other important ingredients, we include them in Healthycell products.

The time and expense of finding, purchasing, and integrating Healthycell ingredients into a daily regimen would be a nearly impossible undertaking, so we have done it for our customers in a convenient daily dosage.