Need Better Sleep? Sleep Supplements for Better Health

Need Better Sleep? Sleep Supplements for Better Health

Many years ago, scientists discovered that our genes are dormant when we are awake and active when we are sleeping. Scientists also discovered that chronic sleep loss – extended periods of time with fewer sleep hours or few hours of so-called “deep” sleep – could possibly aggravate some symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Recent, reputable research continues to show the vast power of sleep. And while much research has been done on the restorative qualities of healthy sleep, few have focused on sleep at the cellular level. But that approach to the sleep-cell connection is changing.

…the sleeping brain produces cells that repair and grow myelin.One recent study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison revealed that “… the sleeping brain produces cells that repair and grow myelin – the “insulation” around nerve cells that is damaged in diseases such as multiple sclerosis.” The multiple sclerosis link to poor sleep is strong, and there are other serious health issues directly related to poor quality sleep.

During sleep researchers found cells that govern good health through repair and growth are active during sleep, while the genes involved in “cell death, cell stress response and cell differentiation” are active during your waking hours.

Perhaps most important is research showing the intense negatives of poor sleep. When the quality of your sleep is poor, the myelin that is usually produced is destroyed instead, opening the body up to greater chances of illness, while healthy sleep leads directly to cell growth and repair.

The conclusion: Healthy sleep means healthy cells and healthy cells mean a healthy body. Healthycell Evening Formula, a cell health supplement, can help.

How to Help Your Sleep

Healthycell Evening Formula is a revolutionary “cell health vitamin” that provides superior nutrition to your cells, using specific vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to support the cellular growth and repair process while you sleep.

At Healthycell, we avoid sleep fads and fashionable ingredients in favor of science. We diligently and continuously study the existing and emerging sleep research to create evidence-based formulations. It is through this scientific diligence that we have created our Evening Formula, a DNA repair supplement, expressly created to support cell health during slumber.

Test the Healthycell Evening Formula Difference

Healthycell is committed to developing the highest quality products that empower people to take control of their sleep health at the most basic level – the cell. At Healthycell, we take pride in creating our Evening Formula, affordable multivitamins and other supplements that are supported by first-class scientific and clinical evidence.

“We diligently and continuously study the existing and emerging sleep research..”

From raw material analysis to final product inspection, every multivitamin production step is carefully monitored and documented, with full accountability and in-process controls. The Quality Control/Analytical Development Department of VitaQuest, our manufacturer, consists of a highly trained staff of 17 degreed chemists under the supervision of three resident Ph.Ds., a team that performs analytical testing of raw materials, in-process samples, and finished goods in a cGMP/GLP-compliant facility.

The response to our combination of science and economics – our version of a nutrition insurance policy – has been overwhelming.

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