Healthycell: The Healthy Nutritional Supplement

Healthycell: The Healthy Nutritional Supplement

Nutritional supplements are complex products meant to provide the vitamins, minerals and other ingredients you may not be getting from your regular diet. They are so popular that the National Institute of Health reported that “The majority of adults in the United States take one or more [nutritional] supplements either every day or occasionally.”

But not all nutritional supplements are alike. Many supplements are manufactured in unscientific

conditions with lax quality control. Others are just combinations of popular ingredients with no scientific purpose to their mix. Others contain fillers and ingredients, such as refined sugar, which may improve their taste, but do nothing to support better health. And in some cases, those fillers and ingredients may be doing more harm than good.

At Healthycell, we understand your concerns about nutritional supplements and we encourage you to take a close look at what is included in the supplement and why.

At Healthycell, we’re so confident you’ll appreciate the benefits of our complex formula that we’re proud to list them in clear detail on the Ingredients page of our website. When you see the impressive list of essential ingredients that make up each of our products, we believe you’ll agree with our many satisfied customers who have taken the guesswork out of their nutritional supplement decisions and use Healthycell to support better health.

In our Healthycell product, for example, there are these substantial doses of key ingredients that work synergistically to help provide the building blocks to good cell health:

Phytonutrients – 1,228 mg. Phytonutrients are found in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and tea, among other sources and may help prevent disease and contribute to the improved overall function of your body.

Vitamins – 5,430 IU+206 mg. Vitamins are essential for normal cell function, growth, and development. Healthycell contains all of the 13 essential vitamins needed for smooth body function.

Minerals – 303 mg. According to a 1992 study, the soils in the U.S. used to grow the plants we consume contain 86% less minerals than they did 100 years ago. That means that you are getting less of these important ingredients through the foods you eat. Among their many functions, minerals maintain our pH balance, maintain proper nerve conduction, and help relax and contract muscles. Healthycell contains nine of the most essential minerals you need.

Digestive enzymes – 352 units. Digestive enzymes are produced mainly in the pancreas and help break down food into nutrients so they are more easily absorbed. This eases digestion and maximizes the nutritional value of our foods.

Absorption enhancers – 58 mg. These help improve the delivery of all the beneficial ingredients found in Healthycell.

Try Healthycell – Without the Risk

Now you know that other nutritional supplements may not only be shortchanging customers in key nutritional areas, some may also have unhealthy elements.

We take the risk out of trying Healthycell with:

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free shipping on monthly orders
  • Easy ordering
  • Fast shipping

To learn more about why Healthycell is the preferred choice as an energy vitamin, or to order risk-free, visit or call (800) 975-9606.