Feeling youthful may promote longevity

Feeling youthful may promote longevity

There are several tactics that people may use to make themselves feel younger. They may buy whole new wardrobes, style their hair differently or become more socially active. While these are all great, there’s no substitute for good health practices, such as exercise and eating a well-balanced diet that includes all the nutrients needed for cell health.

Feeling youthful isn’t just good for your morale. Research from University College London suggests that, on average, people who feel younger than their actual age tend to live longer than those who feel their actual age or older.

How old you feel has an impact
In a report published in JAMA Internal Medicine, scientists from UCL conducted an experiment that included more than 6,400 people. At the beginning of the study, the average age of these research participants was 65.8 years. When asked to describe how old they felt in relation to their actual ages, about 70 percent of these individuals said they felt at least three years younger, while one-fourth said they felt close to their actual age and about 5 percent perceived themselves as more than a year older. After enrollment of the study subjects, the researchers monitored their health for an average of 99 months.

By the end of the experiment, the study authors observed that death rates tended to be lower among those who felt younger. Specifically, the mortality rates of those who felt younger, as old or older than their actual ages during the research period were 14.3 percent, 18.5 percent and 24.6 percent, respectively.

Antioxidants in food can promote well-being.Although it’s not entirely clear why people who felt younger lived longer, the scientists speculated that feeling young may motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyles, such as maintaining an optimal weight or following sound medical advice from their physicians. Ultimately, though, it’s important to remember that perceived age can change over time, and helping people feel young may have a positive impact.

Fighting free radicals will help
This report from UCL underscores the importance of keeping your cells healthy. The longer you live, the more cellular damage your body accumulates over time because of free radicals. These are toxins from the environment – radiation, pollution, unhealthy and processed foods – that cause DNA damage and can leave your body feeling worn down. Additionally, your own cells will generate free radicals as they convert food into fuel.

However, antioxidants help neutralize the effects of free radicals. According to the National Women’s Health Resource Center, these nutrients are available in many whole fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, spinach, red peppers and berries. Additionally, a premium nutritional supplement system, such as Healthycell, helps ensure you get all the antioxidants you need to feel young, energetic and in good shape.