Celebrate telomere health during National Nutrition Month

Celebrate telomere health during National Nutrition Month

What’s your favorite holiday? If you’re a parent, you might say Mother’s or Father’s Day, while your kids might pick Christmas or their birthdays. There’s no doubt these holidays can be great fun, but are they really the best thing for your overall and individual cell health?

Instead of commercialized holidays, why not celebrate National Nutrition Month this March? It’s a 4-week long outreach and awareness campaign endorsed by almost every national health organization in the country. While there might not be any presents to exchange or family dinners to attend, you can still learn some new things about telomere health during National Nutrition Month.

This could be your fridge by the end of National Nutrition Month.A history of health
You should try to stick to a healthy diet all year, but at least there’s an entire month dedicated to eating right and watching what foods affect your telomere health. However, National Nutrition Month actually began as a shortened week-long educational campaign in 1973 by the American Diabetic Association – it wasn’t until 1980 that Congress realized that the nation needed an entire month to focus on what makes up a balanced diet.

Times have changed since the ’80s, though, and what nutritionists know about cell health has advanced as well. Even though you might still be familiar with the old food pyramid, you should really be focusing on providing your telomeres with the right nutrients to function properly.

“Over time, telomeres can break down, which leads to imperfections in new cells.”

Modern science, future diets
No matter what kind of diet you follow – if it includes no vegetables or mounds of them – every person’s body undergoes a single activity billions, if not trillions, of times in their lives. If you learn anything this National Nutrition Month, you should know how this process of cell division works and how telomere health keeps everything running smoothly.

In a nutshell, cells divide and multiply as you age. To do this, small intra-cellular structures called telomeres pull genetic information from the center of the original cell to the two new ones. Over time, these telomeres can break down, which leads to imperfections in new cells. However, eating the right diet that emphasizes cell health can be the perfect solution to extending the lives of cells throughout your body.

In the busy modern world, it can be tough to design any sort of balanced diet, though, which is why cell heath supplements are such a great option when you’re on the go. Take advantage of this National Nutrition Month to do something for your cells and telomeres today.