4 foods that can harm your skin cell health

4 foods that can harm your skin cell health

The old adage goes “You are what you eat,” but how true is that, really? Sure, eating fried meats, processed candies and other food products that contain compounds harmful to your cell health isn’t going to get you the body of an Olympic athlete, but it’s not like you actually start to break out in pimples and your skin ages faster when you follow a poor diet, right?

Wrong. Proper nutrition benefits your entire body, and improper foods can wreak havoc on the one organ you probably don’t think much of: your skin. If you’ve tried moisturizers, humidifiers and holistic treatments to no avail, check out these four foods you should stop eating immediately to protect your cell health.

They might taste good going down, but your cells might have something to say about these harmful foods.1. Greasy potato chips
There aren’t many redeeming qualities to these crunchy snacks when it comes to your cell health. -Manufacturers cut costs by pumping these tiny chips full of refined carbs, which are compounds that accelerate oxidative stress after your body metabolizes the food. You won’t notice any changes at first, but the breakdown of DNA components like telomeres can deepen wrinkles and speed up the development of other age markers.

2. Artificial sweeteners and colorings
Whether you like your coffee on the sweet side or you’re making multi-colored cookies for the kids, artificial sweeteners and colorings can seem innocent enough. However, the fact of the matter is these “food” products aren’t really food at all. They contain no nutritional content, and the synthetic materials you put into your body can only have negative effects for your cell health. In fact, aspartame, one of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners today, easily bonds to tissues within the body and can be stored for long periods of time to harm you from within.

“Alcohol steals moisture from cells, drying them from the inside out.”

3. Alcohol
If you can give it up altogether, perfect. If not, then cutting back can reduce the amount of stress you put your cells under every time you toss one back.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on cells, drawing moisture out from the critical inner structures that need it. If you drink habitually and with enough volume, you could accelerate the breakdown of the outer layers of your skin. This could lead to deeper wrinkles, flaky skin and even rosacea of the face.

4. White breads and other starches
A bit of pasta here and there isn’t going to make you look like an old catcher’s mitt, but you’ll still want to curb how much processed bread and starch products you eat on a regular basis. These foods carry a high glycemic index, meaning they induce your body to produce insulin levels. Too much starch means too much insulin, and unbalanced blood sugar levels can affect nearly all parts of the body.