The Science Advisory Board provides scientific, research, statistical, medical advice and counsel to the company’s management. Healthycell is proudly supported and represented by a highly qualified set of accomplished individuals with varying skill sets and experiences that translate directly into the company’s mission.

Dr. Giampapa recently received the Edison Award for the Healthycell nutritional supplement for cell health. He was also awarded the A4M Science & Technology award for his development of the BioMarker Matrix Profile – the first computer program to measure aging.

Dr. Giampapa has been a keynote speaker at several international forums, most recently at the Vatican in Rome for the Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference, and the Swedish American Life Science Summit in Stockholm. He recently appeared on The Science Channel special, Stem Cell Universe with host Steven Hawking. Dr. Giampapa has been featured in various national magazines, radio and television including CNN and WABC-TV, Fox news, Geraldo Rivera, Joan Rivers, Phil Donahue, and Anderson Cooper 360.

Dr. Giampapa is published in numerous academic journals including the Annals of Plastic Surgery, the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery, The Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the Journal of Stem Cells and Development. He is the author of the first and only medical textbook on Anti-Aging Medicine and Age Management. He has also authored 5 books for the general public on the topic including; Breaking the Aging Code (Basic Health Publications) and The Anti-Aging Solution: 5 Simples Steps to Looking and Feeling Young (Wiley), The Gene Makeover, The 21st Century Anti-Aging Breakthrough, Quantum Longevity, and Pro-Hormone Nutrition-Optimum Aging & Maximum Health Span with Nature’s Hormone-Enhancing Nutrients, and Younger Today, coauthored with Carol Alt.

Dr. Giampapa served as a consultant for NASA for the space shuttle robotic arm. He has filed or been awarded, over 24 patents from the United States Government for unique cell culture delivery techniques, stem cell reprogramming, new drug delivery systems, and surgical instrument designs. He has been a medical consultant to Allergan Medical (NYSE: AGN), Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, and Sanofi-Aventus (NYSE: SNY). He also served as a consultant for stem cell applications and their use for Neostem Inc., an international biopharmaceutical company (NASDAQ: NBS).

He received his M.D. degree from Mt. Sinai Medical School in New York, New York and continued his medical training in plastic surgery at St. Lukes and Columbia Presbyterian Hospitals in NYC. Upon completion of his plastic surgery training, he completed a year of microsurgery and hand surgery at NYU Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Giampapa has served as Research Fellow for such other prestigious institutes as Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City and was the Director of Microsurgery and Re-plantation Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, (A4M). Dr. Giampapa served as the first President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also one of the first Board Certified anti-aging physicians in the world.

He continues to use his 34 years of research and surgery experience, creating stem cell technologies, especially for their applications to aging disorders, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive applications.

Dr. Neveu has over twenty-five years of exploratory research and translational development studies in both conventional and integrative healthcare. He previously served as Chief Scientific Officer for NanoSynergy where he used patented technology to improve the pharmacologic activity of nutraceuticals. Prior to this he served as President and CEO of the National Foundation of Alternative Medicine, founded by Congressman Berkley Bedell, that focused on the international identification and research evaluation of promising complementary and alternative therapies. For eight years he supervised a mechanism-based drug discovery laboratory at Pfizer that was responsible for both cancer and immunological diseases. During this period, his lab initiated novel therapeutic approaches for Tarceva™ (EGFR kinase inhibitor) and Pfizer’s first protein therapeutic, Tremelimumab™ (anti-CTLA4), that was listed on Fortune’s Top 10 list of cancer drugs. He has been an honorary fellow of the Harvard School of Public Health and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute that utilized gene expression profiling to identify several novel tumor suppressor genes (e.g. Maspin) that have been developed for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Mark received his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, were he identified a family of Connexin genes (gap junctions) reversibly regulated by carcinogens. Mark collaborated with the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis and EPA/FDA to develop toxicology regulatory guidelines based on these findings.

He received his B.S. in Biochemistry and Nutrition from Virginia Tech, where he conducted research on the chemical synthesis of anti-cancer natural products and environmental toxicology for the State of Virginia.

Mark has published numerous highly-cited articles in leading scientific journals such as Science and Immunity and has several issued patents.

Dr. Malik M. Hasan M.D. is a Principal Owner of Monument Systems LLC. Dr. Hasan co-founded HealthTrio, LLC in 1999, and served as the President and Chief Executive Officer since March 2005. He also served as the Chairman of HealthTrio, LLC.
He has vision, expertise and years of unique experience in the fields of medicine, managed care and health care informatics.

Previously, Dr. Hasan served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and was a Founder of Foundation Health Systems, Inc., America’s fourth largest publicly traded managed health-care company and parent company of QualMed Plans for Health (which he founded), Physician’s Health Services and Health Net, California’s largest network model HMO. Foundation Health Systems (FHS) and the predecessor company, Health Systems International, which was also founded by Dr. Hasan, has been a Fortune 500 Company since 1984. Dr. Hasan led FHS through an extraordinary period of multi-state expansion while championing an industry leading initiative, termed “fourth generation medical management“ in developing a management information system to support FHS’s physician-driven medical management approach.

As a board-certified neurologist in Pueblo, Colorado, since June 1975, Dr. Hasan maintained a limited practice until July 1992. During the 1970’s, Dr. Hasan was an advanced fellow and assistant professor of neurology at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago. Dr. Hasan holds degrees from King Edward Medical College, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians of London, an EMG certification from the American Association of Electromyography and Electrodiagnosis and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Michael Nobel was born in Sweden and lived in Switzerland for many years. He is a citizen of Sweden and Switzerland. After studies in Sweden and America he obtained a doctorate at the University of Lausanne in psycho-pedagogy. The thesis subject was the evaluation of the effectiveness of substance abuse prevention programs in Switzerland. In the domain of science he worked for seven years as a researcher in social sciences at the Institute for Mass Communication at the Lausanne University and at the Department of Social Psychiatry at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine. He was also consultant to UNESCO in Paris and the Geneva United Nation’s Social Affairs Division in the field of drug abuse prevention.

For 15 years he represented the Nobel family as vice chairman and subsequent chairman of its board of directors. He is chairman of the Nobel Sustainable Trust Foundation in Zürich. Commercially he participated in the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging in 1980 and remained in that field for 26 years. Between 1991 and 2007 he was executive chairman of a group of companies that performed imaging services in Sweden.

Today he is chairman or board member of seven international companies in diagnostics, treatment and information systems in the field of medicine. He is also chairman or board member of five non-for-profit organizations in the field of youth education and development and peace and conflict resolution.

In the academic field Dr. Nobel was visiting professor at the Frontier Research Institute at the Tokyo Institute of Technology between 2007 and 2012. He is currently visiting professor of Kyosei studies at the Seisa University and professor at the Peace Research Institute of Soka University. From October 2015 he is appointed specialty professor at the Michael Nobel Sustainable Technology Laboratory at Osaka City University. He is a member since 2005 of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

He has seven academic honor degrees including Doctor of Science HC from Soka University in Tokyo and the University of Technology in Kingston as well as Professor of Science HC from the Azeri National Academy of Science, Moscow State University, Alfred Nobel University, Russian New University and the Tambov State Technology University. Rotary International conferred on him the Paul Harris Fellowship Award in 1997 and he is honorary member of the Rotary Clubs in Karlskoga, Sweden and Miami, Florida.

In 2002 he was the recipient of the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Award from Morehouse College in Atlanta, previously given once as a shared prize to Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.

In 2004 he became the Board of Trustees Citation awardee by the Midwest Research Institute of Kansas City. Previous laureates include Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Edward Teller and Henry Ford. The same year he was endowed with the UNESCO medal for Outstanding Contributions to the Cultural Dialogue Between Nations.

In 2005 in Jerusalem he received the Albert Einstein Medal for Outstanding Achievements in Life Sciences and Technology, in 2006 the International Order of Perfection in Moscow and in 2010 the Gusi Peace Prize in Manila. He was awarded the Medal of Distinction by FICAC in Kingston in 2012.

In 2013 he received the Order of Duty and Honor from the United Nations Council for Public Awards and the Gold Medal from the IINC in Tambov, The World Federation of Consuls presented him its Order of Merit in 2014 in Miami. He received the keys to the cities of Hollywood, California and Florida in 2008 and the mayors of Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Miami Dade County have proclaimed official Michael Nobel Appreciation days in October and December each year.